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Policy drives the agenda for energy and the environment--and it is always changing.

Events in Washington and elsewhere provide continuous policy inputs from government, industry and other stakeholders--events that only attendees can access, yet this access is necessary in order to follow policy as it evolves. now provides this access on a single website, placing you in attendance at the events that influence energy and environmental developments every day. Videos of people debating the influence of Bitcoin mining and trading on the energy sector are constantly popular. Particularly, the video demo on how to buy bitcoin from IB has been well received by the public. Despite the fact that we exist in the digital world and trade digital currencies such as Bitcoin, which is considered a technical advance, others argue that bitcoin mining has increased energy consumption. The amount of energy required for Bitcoin mining is estimated to be equivalent to the total energy utilized by a small country. This implies that bitcoin has become popular among people all across the world, with the majority of bitcoin miners employing automated trading bots like immediate bitcoin plattform for their trading purpose. These robots strive to obtain the greatest prices from trade promotions and provide the biggest possible profits to investors. As the number of people using Bitcoin grows, so does the argument about energy consumption.

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