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Press Release  

Grant Stockdale is founder and CEO of He is the former Associate Publisher of The Energy Daily and has produced hundreds of energy and environment events in Washington, the US and around the world. He has created multiple publications and media properties in the US and the UK during his thirty year career as a media executive. Separately, he was founder and CEO of The Sergeant's Program, and created the College Tuition Access Program for Washington DC. He also produces the Energy Newsmaker Program for the United States Energy Association.

Melissa Monk is director of business development at She was previously with The Energy Daily, where she worked in marketing and events. Her earlier career was in the financial community as a stock broker and registered investment advisor.

Scott Nance has been a journalist for 20 years. He spent a number of years covering energy technology R&D as editor of the trade publication, New Technology Week, and as a contributor to The Energy Daily. He's also covered the Internet and has developed online content for several years.

Gartrell White is the webmaster of He previously was a strategic security research assistant at the Federation of American Scientists where he developed a website devoted to biosecurity and biodefense and assisted producing a biosecurity education website for graduate-level science students.

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