Ares Free Download

Ares Free Download

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Ares is a free file sharing program that utilizes peer-to-peer technology. What sets Ares apart from many of the other file sharing programs out there like FrostWire is that it uses its own private network to facilitate the file sharing process. It is an open source program, meaning it is 100% free to download and use, as well as ability for anyone to download its source code and tweak things if desired. The new version of Ares also added the feature of BitTorrent, further expanding the pool of downloadable digital files to the hands of Ares users.


  • Program name: Ares
  • Program Type: Peer to Peer File Sharing
  • File Name: Ares Free Download
  • File Size:338KB
  • System Requirements: Microsof Windows XP, vista, 7, 8
  • Languages: English, with International Language support
  • License: GPL
  • Author:


  • Private P2P Network
  • BitTorrent integration
  • Built-in Video and Audio Player
  • Chat rooms
  • Robust file management system
  • Hashlinks – Ability to search and download for files relating to a hash
  • Support for Shoutcast
  • Open source program – meaning it is completely free

Editorial Review

There are many p2p and bittorent programs out there in the market, all seemingly boasting to let you download all sorts of digital files for free. So why should in consider using Ares instead of others? What makes Ares unique and different from all the other similar programs is the fact that Ares is built on its own network. It is a spin-off of gnutella network that was and still is popular to this day. Using Ares network, I was able to find virtually any search items I threw at it and returned multiple results of legitimate files for me to download, all for free.

With bittorrent integration that occurred with the latest version of Ares, it also features a robust bittorrent client. So if you want to have an all-in-one program that has bittorent functionality as well as its own private network to search your files from, Ares is a program that you should definitely check out.

Being that it is an open source program, Ares is of course, 100% free. It is tested to be spyware and malware free as well, and completely safe to use. Installation of Ares took less than a minute to complete and once installed, I didn’t need to configure any special settings like port forwarding which is commonly found in most bittorrent clients. It may be one of the easiest programs I’ve downloaded and got it working, as far as file sharing programs I’ve tried in the past.

Once fired up, Ares found virtually any files I wanted to search for, whether they were music, movies or tv shows, and much more. If you are not the type of person who isn’t computer savvy, Ares is one program you should download (for free) and try out.