Microsoft Word Free Download

Microsoft Word Free Download

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Microsoft Word is easily one of the best and most widely used word processor that has been in the market for over 30 years. Whether it’s a student jamming out his English essay, or a secretary furiously typing out a party invitation letter, Microsoft Word is the de facto program that will allow its users to produce professional looking documents that screams quality. Sure, there are other free word processors out there, but nothing comes close to matching the powerful features and global file compatibility that you can expect from MS Word.

The latest stable version of Microsoft Word is 2010, with its 2013 edition slated to come out sometime in 2013. For now, you can download Microsoft Word for free and enjoy its full features.


  • Program name: Microsoft Word
  • Program Type: Productivity Software
  • File Name: Microsoft Word Free Download
  • File Size: 758MB
  • Developer:
  • Operation System: Microsoft Windows xp/7/8/2000/vista
  • Languages: English, and global language support
  • License: Retail software


  • Produce professional level documents
  • Collaborate with your peers seamlessly with co-authoring tool
  • Brand new, revamped picture editing tool lets you easily insert and manipulate diagrams, pictures and more
  • New font effects, e.g. gradient fills and reflections
  • Improved navigation panels
  • Cross-platform compatibility (access files from the web or your phone)

Editorial Review

I have been using Microsoft Word for over 2 decades and every new version has seen its ups and downs. The latest version of Microsoft Word 2010 based on my experience of using it extensively over the past few months is that it is the most stable and fully featured MS Word created yet. There are a lot of people complaining about the new version being bloated and too feature rich. And, Microsoft Word has become big and convoluted as far as features go, but that doesn’t mean you have to use all of its features.

For simple document creation, there is nothing better than Microsoft Word and here is why: cross-platform compatibility. When you are working in a professional environment, MS Word is easily the most widely used productivity software and being able to seamlessly open and edit documents between peers is vital. Sure, there are free programs like Open Office but I’ve often experienced file compatibility issues. Never with MS Office.

One of the best new features with the latest version of Microsoft Word is the ability to select and change ‘Styles’. It will dramatically improve the look and feel of your document and it only takes a button click to activate. You can even tweak them around to personalize it even more. Another useful feature I found is the automatic generation of table of content. This is something that I use often when I have a big document to work with.

Overall, Microsoft Word is still the king of word processor. If you want to create a document that is universally compatible and professional looking, download Microsoft Word for free now.