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What is FrostWire?

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FrostWire is a free download program that allows its users to share any files with other people in an easy to use interface. It is an unofficial successor to LimeWire which saw its demise in legal battles, with many of LimeWire’s elements such as interface and underlying technology intact. Overtime, developers behind FrostWire have steadily improved it significantly and not have completely distanced itself from LimeWire by dropping Gnutella (Peer-to-Peer network) and opting to use BitTorrent technology as its file sharing modality.

If you are looking to download and share files with not only with your friends and family, but as well with other people, without trying to figure out complicated BitTorrent technology, FrostWire is the program you should check out.


  • Program Name: FrostWire
  • Program Type: Peer to Peer File Sharing
  • Filename: FrostWire Free Download
  • File size: 338KB
  • System Requirements: Windows Operating System, Processor: Pentium Mhz, Memory: 128MB, Recommended: 256 MB, Broadband connection
  • Languages: English, Multi-Language Support
  • License: Free (General Public License)
  • Author: FrostWire


  • Share files with friends/family and other people over BitTorrent network
  • Compatible with iTunes to import/export music
  • Robust video player that can playback all types of video files
  • Internet Radio Integration
  • 100% free to download and use

Editorial Review

If you are looking for an easy to use, straight forward program that will get you going with downloading any types of files imaginable, FrostWire is a good program to use. A wildly popular and robust program, FrostWire is free to download and use, thanks to its open source software status. Using BitTorrent as its underlying technology to deliver files between users, FrostWire can be used to download music, movies, tv shows, games, applications, images, and much much more.

Although the legality of downloading files protected with copyrights, it’s widely acknowledged that FrostWire is used primarily by users to download exactly the types of files that are under murky legal swamp.

FrostWire is extremely easy to install, takes just a few minutes of clicking past the install screen gets it done. Using FrostWire couldn’t be any easier either. All you have to do is to search for the file(s) you are looking for in the search tabs of FrostWire and it will return results based on the search query you type.

Based on our findings, FrostWire found and located virtually anything we threw against it and delivered satisfactory results. If you are looking to use FrostWire for free download of movies, music, tv shows and more, FrostWire will get the job done.

Also included in the feature is integration with iTunes, Kindle Fire and SoundCloud, which is a welcome function that sets FrostWire above other P2P and BitTorrent clients. Simply put, if you are looking for a basic file sharing program that you can use without a fuss and download files, you can’t go wrong with FrostWire.